Who We Are

We are a vibrant Christian fellowship serving the English-speaking community in the city of Warsaw, Poland. We have over 30 nations currently represented in our congregation. As a Christ-centred, Bible believing church, we focus on nurturing and equipping Christ’s people to live intentionally as His disciples. We want to equip and encourage them to apply Christ’s teaching at work, in school and in relationships to make an impact for Christ in their spheres of influence.

Our community, though so vastly diverse, has a family feel and is welcoming to seekers and newcomers, making sure they feel at home. The diversity is extremely positive and enriching, but what you need to know is that change is a permanent feature of this church: each year we experience about 30% turnover.

We have an excellent presence within the Christian community of Warsaw, averaging between 140 and 170 people at our Sunday morning service.  We are also strongly committed to equip and train leaders and to plant churches in Warsaw and in other parts of the world, as doors open. We have already planted one: the City Church Warsaw - our daughter church located right in the city centre!

ICF has strong volunteer commitment from across the congregation, including four music teams, members who host a variety of life groups, children’s ministry, mercy ministries, as well as a large students ministry led mainly by our committed students themselves. There is a lot going on, and we are hoping for even more as we explore new ways of reaching out to the local English speaking community.

Lead Pastor’s Personal Profile

We are looking for an empowering and facilitative leader devoted to a team approach, who will oversee the development, organization and administration of the ICF staff and volunteers, as well as the ministries for the English speaking community in Warsaw. We are looking for someone who has both a passion and proven experience in providing God's people with meaningful opportunities to grow in their spiritual life and to equip them to advance the Gospel and make disciples.

In terms of character, we are looking for a candidate who is:

  • confident in Christ;

  • humble and prepared to hear from others;

  • a teacher of the Word;

  • a pastor and a caretaker of the sheep;

  • a servant leader;

  • able to work in a team;

  • someone who draws others into his vision;

  • someone able to train and develop leaders.

Job Description

What the role of our Lead Pastor entails:

  1. Seeking God’s counsel and working closely with the ICF Leadership Team (LT) to determine the spiritual direction and spiritual needs of the English speaking community within Warsaw;

  2. Working consistently to maintain ICF as a Christ centered, spiritually strong and spiritually connected Church;

  3. Discerning Scripture-based topics and subjects to be taught in various contexts of the Church;

  4. Being devoted to a team approach in ministering to a congregation of diverse people, including development of people gifted in the area of preaching and teaching and offering them opportunities to preach.

  5. Developing knowledge, character and Christian conduct for the entire Leadership Team, all ICF staff and all ICF members, as well as ensuring their accountability to the mission, purpose and values of ICF;

  6. Promoting, implementing and if need be, developing the mission, purpose and values of ICF as set out in ICF's constitution and by-laws.

 What it means in practical terms:

There are also a number of practical things which we expect from the Lead Pastor to foster the health and spiritual growth of the church:

  1. Ensuring the weekly ICF Staff meeting and throughout the week as necessary, encouraging and empowering ICF Staff towards effective balanced Ministry through equipping, coaching, serving, and deploying members of the church;

  2. Developing a spiritually strong working relationship with the Leadership Team;

  3. Tasking others, particularly emerging leaders, with the effective and efficient operation of the Church, consistent with the mission, purpose and values of ICF.

 If you feel that this may be a position God is calling you to fill, please apply to: search@icfwarsaw.org.