ICF Warsaw designs inspiring, English-speaking services that embrace all cultures and generations. Our services are multi-media and professionally designed.  Everyone should feel at home here, including those who rarely attend church.   

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If you choose to join us any Sunday for our 10:30 AM CELEBRATION SERVICE, you can expect to be welcomed warmly, and encouraged to worship God with us. With the diversity of our backgrounds, we find there is no "right way" to do things, but great freedom to practice our faith in a way that is meaningful. 


Our Style of Worship


We enjoy singing as part of our celebration experience, so our band and singers will lead the way for us.  We are developing our own unique ICF worship style with a carefully chosen blend of “choruses" and hymns that will appeal to a variety of backgrounds. We choose music that may be easily recognized by many with church experience and that can be easily learned by those who are new.  You can sing or if you prefer, just listen. 


The Message

Each Sunday, we look to the Bible for words of encouragement and challenge as we seek to be God's family in Warsaw. We normally follow a series of messages that both inform and inspire us to grow in faith as we live for and serve Jesus Christ here in Warsaw. We try to be relevant, timely, and accurate.  Our hope is that you will find a connection with God while you are with us.



We welcome everybody and anybody at ICF!  It is our prayer that every person who joins our fellowship will find a loving, caring, inclusive family comprised of people of all ages, genders, and nationalities.  Being an English-speaking church does not mean the people who come here only speak English.  In fact, the vast majority speak at least two languages, since the vast majority are ex-pats living abroad.  For those who desire to make ICF their home-away-from-home church, you can view a copy of our Membership Covenant here.  We hope you too will make ICF your spiritual family.  Welcome home!